Delta State governor, Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan, has said his administration’s peace and security strategy will be further deepened with the creation of a Ministry of Peace Development in the state. He said the success of the state government’s security strategy made it possible for the Warri refinery to be reopened after being shut down for years.

Dr Uduaghan told investors at the Nigerian Gas Master plan Investors Road show at London Hilton Metropole hotel, venue of the event, that the establishment of Delta state Waterways Security committee, which has addressed maritime peace and security issues, would lead to the creation of un-armed surveillance agency that would provide vital information for the law enforcement agencies to prevent pipeline vandalisation or any criminal action in the water ways.

Continuing on the strategy the state is adopting to restore confidence and ensure that stability in the state is not disrupted, Governor Uduaghan said his administration is establishing community security agencies that will watch over pipelines, and form part of the community development committees.

He also talked about the establishment of a monitoring neighbourhood watch which enhances and strengthens the Nigeria police. Dr Uduaghan also spoke glowingly about the effectiveness of the state’s crime alert system as an early warning response to incidents around the state. He said early warning ensures that incidents in any part of the state is quickly addressed by the security agencies, and thus makes it difficult for criminals to operate freely.

Illustrating the successful example of the peace and security strategy of his administration, Governor Uduaghan said at the peak of the crisis two years ago, the pipeline conveying crude to NNPC facilities was punctured in 24 places and that crippled the Warri refinery. He, however, said that in the last one year the state government’s security strategy has made it possible for the Warri refinery to be reopened.

Another example he cited was the Shell return, which he said relocated from Delta State and saw to a shut-in of 500,000 barrels of crude oil export. He said with a successful peace and security strategy, Shell has re-entered and now producing about 180,000 barrels of crude, which he hopes will increase to full capacity by the end of the year.

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