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Tourism Development in Delta State.

Delta State, the “Big Heart” is one of the thirty–six (36) states that make up Nigeria. It has 25 local Tourism in Delta  State
government areas with Asaba as the capital and Warri as major commercial city, Sapele, Agbor, Ughelli, Abraka, wale, Oleh, Ozoro, Koko, Oghara, and Burutu are other major towns. It has a population of about 2,570,181 from the 991 national population census. There are various ethnic groups in Delta State, which include Urhobo, Itsekiri, Isoko, jaw and Anioma.
The state can be accessed by land, water and air with good road network, seaports at Warri, Sapele,
Burutu, Koko, and a modern airport at Osubi combined with modern telecommunication facilities.
Delta State is the tourism hob of western, southern and eastern Nigeria. Other tourism sites can be accessed asily from Delta State.
It is not just oil-producing state, but has a good number of beaches, historical monuments, estivals, dances and beautiful resorts. It is one of the leading hospitality centres in Nigeria. Facilities for leisure, ccommodation and conferences abound in the state. In Nigeria, policies are well articulated but not properly executed r implemented. Like Nigeria, Delta State has a policy to promote mass tourism without adequately developing the nfrastructures and services at the points of destination.
The consequence of this is that the needs of both local and oreign tourists are not adequately met. For the tourism industry to thrive on a commercial level, there must exist ufficient tourist attractions, favourable economic base, social, legal and political environment and basic infrastructures.

To promote tourism in the state, the state government established the Delta State Tourism Board and the inistry of culture and Tourism. The board has a compendium of tourism resources in the state in the form of rochure, bulletin, posters and post cards. There is also a website to that effect. The goal of the Government of Delta tate is to mobilize and encourage private sector participation in the development of tourism. The function of overnment is to create an enabling environment for private initiative to flourish. It is expected that this would generate mployment and improve the general well being of the people.

To attain these objectives and make the tourism industry more attractive to investors, Government will adopt nd administer the following packages of incentives:
- Providing infrastructures, such as roads, electricity, portable water and communication facilities.
- Facilitating easy and speedy access to land for the establishment of tourism enterprises by genuine
- Charging concessionary rates on land meant for tourism related projects.
-Assisting investors in gaining access to development funds.
- Acquiring suitable parcels of land for allocation to investors for the establishment of resorts,
entertainment centres etc.
- Embarking on joint ventures with private investors.
Another way of boosting tourism according to the state government is through the privatization of the existing tate owed tourism enterprises namely – Delta hotels limited Warri, Sapele and Agbor and organization of tourism vents and promotion.

Tourism Resources in the State.
In Delta State there are numerous tourism resources located in different parts of the state. These resources are rouped under the following headings according to Delta State Ministry of Culture and Tourism (2003):
 Cultural/Historical/Education Tourism:
 Slave trade relic, Aboh Ndokwa East Local Government Area (L.G.A).
 Mongo Park Building/Asaba Museum Oshimili South L.G.A.
 Bible site at Araya Isoko South L.G.A.
Nwoko Villa, Idumuje Ugboko Aniocha North L.G.A.
Obi palace, Idumuje Ugboko Aniocha North L.G.A.
Nana living History (National Monument) Koko Warri-North L.G.A.
Expatriates grave yard, Asaba Oshimili South L.G.A.
Adane-Okpe, Orerokpe Okpe L.G.A.
Ozomona – Manor House, Onicha-Olona Aniocha North L.G.A.

 Nature/River/Water Beach Tourism:
 Ethiope River Source, Umuaja Ukwuani L.G.A.
 Otu – Ogwu Beach, Asaba Oshimili South L.G.A.
 Abraka river resort, Abraka Ethiope East L.G.A.
 Eni Lake, Uzere Isoko South L.G.A.

 Aesthetic/Scenery/Urban Tourism:
 Grand Hotel Asaba Oshimili South L.G.A.
 Pemos Place (Hotel) Warri Warri South L.G.A.
 The Deplomat Hotel Effurun Uvwie L.G.A.
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